Early CPR and Defibrillation SAVES LIVES!!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is not a heart attack. It is a condition where the heart abruptly and unexpectedly ceases to function (cardiac arrest). SCA is an "electrical problem" caused by Ventricular Fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder. In SCA, the heart is no longer able to pump blood to the rest of the body.

Green Guard offers not only products, but training, that help save lives.

What is a Comprehensive AED Program?

  • A careful site analysis so that AED placement is optimized for a quick response.
  • A system of checks and balances that governs the use of AEDs within an organization.
  • Medical oversight and authorization; proper policy and procedure; notification with local, state, and federal authorities; and a support system to monitor ongoing AED Program compliance.
  • Ongoing AED/CPR training with a support system that maintains, monitors, and tracks program compliance and efficacy.

Once You Commit to an AED Progam, En-Pro Does the Rest.

En-Pro provides your organization with expert, professional service - from the first contact through the full deployment - ensuring your AED program is 100% compliant. En-Pro makes this pledge with the understanding that each client partner is unique. Through the three phases of AED Program development - designing, implementing, and maintaining - En-Pro ensures your customized program is not only fully compliant but also prepared to save lives.

Speak with your Green Guard representative for details.

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