AED Program

What is a Comprehensive AED Program?

  • A careful site analysis so that AED placement is optimized for a quick response.
  • A system of checks and balances that governs the use of AEDs within an organization.
  • Medical oversight and authorization; proper policy and procedure; notification with local, state, and federal authorities; and a support system to monitor ongoing AED Program compliance.
  • Ongoing AED/CPR training with a support system that maintains, monitors, and tracks program compliance and efficacy.

Once You Commit to an AED Progam, En-Pro Does the Rest.

En-Pro provides your organization with expert, professional service - fromt he first contact through the full deployment - ensuring your AED program is 100% compliant.

En-Pro makes this pledge with the understanding that each client partner is unique. Through the three phases of AED Program development - designing, implementing, and maintaining - En-Pro ensures your customized program is not only fully compliant but also prepared to save lives.

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PlusTrac License Subscriptions


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